This is a superhero-sized question for me. I want to not answer it, and just go with all of them, but that is no way to write a post.

If it just had to be one…

And I couldn’t change it ever again……

If I knew I had to be stuck with this decision for the rest of my life, it would be…

A three-way tie.

Your right, I can do this.

My favorite SuperHero is: if it was the only the one I could pick…

would be… Iron Man. For sure.

Really an all-around winner in my opinion. Smarts, Money, and Tech. His abilities are at least potentially obtainable by mere mortals. Isn’t Elon Musk pretty much Iron Man. I mean, if you were Elon, 

wouldn’t you at least be working on an arc-reactor or jet boots or better jokes (Tony Stark is at least funnier than Elon)? I have the specs to build in iron man in a comic book,

the only real problem is being able to find a nearly unlimited energy source that is small enough and safe

enough to carry around with you.

Just solve that and boom, comic books adventures are brought to life.

In the comments below, tell who your favorite superhero is and why.

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